VG30E/ET Adjustable Cam Gears

russ gears

Adjustable to -10 and +5 degrees cam timing in one degree increments to "shift your powerband up or down".

Available in red and blue!

For VG30 and VG33! Fitment includes:
300ZX, 200SX V6, M30, Maxima, Pathfinder, Truck, Xterra and any other USDM Nissan engine with a SOHC VG series engine.

Difference between red and green graphs is from 5 degrees of retard on a mostly stock non-turbo engine:
na dyno
Difference from +4 degrees below is shown on Jason's modified turbo car at 18PSI with aftermarket cam grind (note the shape of the torque curve):

jason turbo cam timing