I can do this myself?

Yup, and it's not all that hard. Alignments normally run about $40-50 for front-end and $70-90 for "four-wheel" at most tire stores. Why pay someone else to do it when you can do it yourself and spend the money on something even more useless? Another benefit is being able to run any toe setting you like, and if you don't know what you like; it's being able to test settings without paying every time. Also, it's being assured your alignment is actually good; that's right, I have done better alignments (using this method) than those idiots at the tire shop.

The idea is simple, the process is almost as simple. The idea is to get the wheel toe adjustment aligned with the direction of travel of the centerline of the car also taking into account the alignment with the opposite tire.

The items you will need for a Z31 front end alignment:

You will also need a jack if you cannot fit under the front end of the car. Now set up the jackstands2 in front and 2 behind the car like in the diagram. You should also do this on a relatively flat surface.

Now make sure the strings are parallel by measuring the distance between them at the front and back of the car. Now you start adjusting. What you set the toe setting to is entirely up to you, but I would say most people will want a little "toe in" in the front and back for street cars. The rear end toe adjustment is simple, loosen the nut on the inner control arm stay, then turn accordingly. The front is done by loosening the nut tightened against the outer tie rod and turning the inner tie rod (by the boot there are flat spots for a wrench) accordingly.

The rest is intuitive and entirely up to you. I provide this information with the idea that you will use it and your brain to save yourself some money. By reading this page you have agreed I am not to be held accountable if YOU choose a funky alignment (or just plain screw it up) and end up driving your car into a tree or something. With that said, have fun.

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