A lot of people think drifting is lame

Personally, I don't think most of them have ever even done it. Watching it is kind of lame, just like watching baseball. Doing it is another thing, once you get the hang of it it becomes fun, and it does take skill to master.

Coming form an autocross background, drift was something many autocrossers looked down on. I could kind of see why: it's not real racing and it's judged like figure skating; on style. But the attitudes of many autocrossers towards drifters tended to confuse me after I actually went to a drift event. While some autocrossers tend to think drifters are stupid, crazy, unsafe, immature "ricers" this is actually not the case at all. I found a few crazy people, but that's it. The atmosphere was very relaxed, safety oriented and well directed. The event I went to was put on by Club FR and Go Drift, I cannot speak for every club, but they are very good.

My Z is NOT a drift car. However, it does have a few of the key components to being a "drift-able" car:

  • Limited slip differential.
  • Rear-wheel drive.
  • Plentiful and fairly responsive power. And, some pictures from the event: