• Jim Wolf Tech. "Sport 450" Package:

    Long touted as the ONLY and BEST plug-and-play solution for fuel, the JWT system has proven itself to produce good power on modified cars. It is very simple to install, and retains stock drivability. With that being said, there is absolutely nothing special about this system aside for the fact that JWT has done all the tuning for you. They currently offer two "packages" using the exact same hardware, and for obvious reasons the tune is very conservative on both. Their "3BAR" and "4BAR" programs differ only slightly. The 4BAR program just adds extra headroom by increasing the base fuel pressure to 58PSI (thus making the injectors flow ~530cc) and lowering the MAF voltage (giving it resolution to ~530HP worth of air instead of 450HP). If you are dead set on going for JWT, skip right over the 3BAR program and go for the 4BAR.

    The system consists of a re-programmed stock 88-89 ECU, 420CC/min fuel injectors with dropping resistors, Ford Mustang Cobra AFM.

    You must provide JWT with an appropriate 88-89 ECU for them to re-program. Then you will have to wait for them to actually make the simple modifications that I could do myself in an hour. Reported wait times are between 6 weeks and 6 months, depending on the time of year the ECU is sent in. JWT seems to make the Z31 customers a very low priority, as they tend to sell a lot more for volume Z32/Z33's. They also seem to be under the impression that they have the market cornered, completely unaware that there are many other better and less expensive options for Z31 owners.

    If you call JWT and speak to a tech, don't expect them to give you much (if any) accurate information, much less certify what I have said here. Supposedly they have also been working on a Ford lightning MAF and 72lb/hr (~760CC) injector combination that should support fuel to 700+HP, but again, as Z31's are very low priority so don't expect this system to ever appear.

    More JWT kit info.

    In addition, some users of the JWT package have reported issues. Most users with issues report "rich idle and stumbling". Several people had cars that ran awful, and actually ran better with the oxygen sensor unplugged!

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