I found a rather good deal on a better intercooler than the NPR so I decided to upgrade. This time I wanted to make piping I would be proud of and never need to upgrade again. This new core is made by Bell intercoolers. The assembly was designed as a direct fit replacement for MK3 Spura's. I modified it for use on my Z31 by cutting off a couple of the pipes. According to the manufacturers it should be able to flow over 700HP worth of air with minimal pressure drop.

I also bought a 4' long silicone tube on eBay, three 2.25" mandrel "U" bends and some t-bolt clamps from NAPA. The rest was cutting, test fitment and just figuring out how it would all fit together. The intercooler assembly was mounted from the stock A/C condenser mounting screw holes using strip (1"x1/8") steel.

Cost breakdown:

Piping $70.85 shipped

Silicone tube $39 shipped

T-bolt clamps $28.50 (NAPA)

Paint $3.99


Total: $142.34


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