This is my information obtained from the installation of late model (88-89) style tension rods onto the early model (84-85) front suspension with graphite impregnated polyurethane bushings. I am relatively sure that everything here is applicable for 86-87 models, but do not quote me on it. This can be called a guide the tension rod "conversion". This process is very simple, however I did find a few things that would make it cheaper and easier to do. You will need the 88-89 tension rods and tension rod mounts.

Optional are the poly tension rod bushings (available from many places, they are the same bushings made for 240SX's) I got mine from Courtesy Nissan.

The first thing to do once you get the rods and mounts is to inspect the bushings, if they are bad, replacing them with the poly bushings mentioned above is a great upgrade that is relatively cheap. You can skip this next part if you have good bushings, or already have the bushings in.

Next you can remove the rods from the mounts (notice left and right are not the same so keep the mounts with the rods), you will have to have the old bushings pressed out of the rods. There is no way I know of to get the outer sleve out without a press and it needs to come out for the Energy Suspension part to go in. Once the old bushings are out, you can do the rest yourself if you have a vice. Very simple:

Make sure you use plenty of grease on the inside of the bushings where the pivot on the sleeve.

Comparison between the old and new style tension rods:

From here it's very simple again. Remove the sway-bar mounts and old tension rod brackets, as well as the old tension rods from the control arms. If you are not swapping to the 88-89 arms then you will have to drill the holes in the arms out a little bigger. Getting the studs on the rods into the holes on the arms can be hard, you should attach the mount first, then load the suspension and attach the rod to the control arm.

Make sure everything is tight after a few miles, you don't want something bad to happen on the highway.

Congratulations, you're done.