OBX 240SX Short-throw Shifter Installation:

This OBX shifter is readily available for the 240SX. It is a very nice replacement unit made out of stainless steel. As the 240SX and 300ZX NA transmissions are very similar (and fully interchangeable if you swap the front casing), the shifter is already a direct fit for the NA 300ZX. This shifter will also fit the 87-89 300ZX Turbo transmission, but not without a little more work.

My OBX shifter came with NO instructions, but I was able to figure it out rather easily. You should also be able to do the same, or use google to search for some installation instructions.

There are 2 complications to installing the shifter on the 87-89 Turbo transmission:

1. The lower shifter bushing that goes on the transmission side of the shifter rod is very slightly too small for the OBX shifter. If you try to force it on you'll end up doing this:

And f you do that, you will have to pay $4 for a new one from Nissan. Now you can be smart about it and remove some of the inside material until the bushing will fit the OBX shifter. I would suggest using a dremel tool for that.

2. The bolts that retain the "top plate" for the new shifter are too short. Just go find some longer bolts at the hardware store, like I did:

Now just swap the shift boots and shift knob. The upper insulators will be hard to get off the stock shifter, but they will. If your lower shift lever boot (the one that keeps junk out of the pivot area) is torn or utterly destroyed like mine was, find a solution because you don't want crud getting in there. I used a rubber glove, cut a hole in one finger and stretched it over the shifter and "top plate".

That's it, the shifter is installed. Now go enjoy it; it's very close to one half the throw of the stock shifter, very nice.

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