Z31 300ZX NA to Turbo Conversion
By: Jason84NA2T
Written 5/03, Revised 06/06

Why go the way of the turbo? Well this one is quite simple actually... It's the easiest, most efficient and best way to make reliable power.

Why write this? Why make this site? To help other people out. Help them decide that converting their N/A Z31 to a turbo is too much work? Maybe. Help people with the information and prosess of the conversion if they have the ability, time, space and money? Yup, pretty much.

Did not somebody do this already? Sort of, there is a FAQ here and it provides some good information, I would recommend reading it, my information only adds to it from my experience, with pictures.

My research yielded a lot of really BAD and WRONG information (from sites other than Z31.com mostly), I am writing this purely to explain what I did, and namely the issues I ran into. Hopefully I will be helping someone out in one way or another. To begin with you should have already located a parts car or all the parts for a turbo conversion, this alone can be a challenge. Needed for converting an N/A car to turbo are the following parts from an 84-85 turbo Z31: (note: this information also applies to 86-89 Z31's as well, but there are some very small differences)

  • T3 Turbocharger and exhaust elbow from 84-87 300ZX Turbo
  • Drivers side exhaust manifold
  • Downpipe
  • Front crossmember (both the crossmember and engine mount bracket must be swapped for turbocharger fitment)
  • Drivers side engine mount bracket (bolts to block)
  • All intake piping (from Airflow meter to Throttle body)
  • Alternator mount, tensioner (and longer belt for application because the alternator mounts on pass. side instead of drivers side)
  • Oil pan
  • Turbo oil lines (and water lines if applicable)
  • Fuel injectors (260cc/min instead of 180cc/min)
  • Correct ECU (Interchange info here)
  • All applicable gaskets

    For me these parts added up to almost $400 including all the random little bits I needed, for which I could have bought an entire running parts car, my mistake, oh well. Chris' suggestion was very good.

    Now that this is out of the way.... moving on to my experience with the turbo swap on my Z31.

    Part 1: Injector and ECU swap.

    Turbo conversion pages:

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  • Page Six: Final

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