LM-1 WIdeband Oxygen Sensor Installation:

A wideband oxygen sensor is considered a required part for tuning a proper air/fuel mixture. The Innovate! Motorsports LM-1 is widely regarded as one of the most cost effective investments in a performance tuning tool. It has the ability to no only accurately display and log air/fuel ratios, but almost any other voltage you wish; be it an MAS or MAP sensor, RPM (using the $99 converter) boost sensor voltage, etc, etc. It also has the ability to output to a standard A/F gauge, making readings easy to see while driving. 

You can learn much more about the LM-1 from Innovate!'s website:


Installing the unit is not very hard at all, especially if you actually read the instructions. All that is required (besides a 12v power source) is a fitting to be welded into your exhaust before the catalytic converter. You can also use the optional tailpipe clamp, but readings tend to be slightly less accurate by using this method, and it obviously won't be a "long term" installation.

LM-1 kit:

Fitting welded into down-pipe:

Down-pipe and fitting in place:

Wires run from O2 into cabin. Dented this area down slightly so the wires would not be pinched:

Secure temporary resting spot:

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