Custom VG30ET External Wastegate Setups

An ideal wastegate will precisely control boost at any level and keep boost stable in all conditions. External wastegates are generally considered better than internal gates because they (usually) do not cause turbulence for the air exiting the turbine and have larger ports and hence greater airflow capacity.

These are wastegate setup pictures submitted by people on the and message boards.


External Wastegates


JohnZboy's Tial gate.


Steve88T's Turbonetics race gate.

RACINGZX's gate mounted to crossover pipe between manifolds.

88hybrid's Tial gate (on custom turbo relocation piping).

Oopziboozted's Tial gate

Jason84NA2T's Tial 40mm gate mounted on crossover pipe (on 87T car).

Adam88ss's GReddy gate on custom weld-el manifold.

viperSLAYER's Greddy 47mm gate.

viperSLAYER's Tial 40mm gate.

GotFast?/Ian88SS's HKS 40mm gate.

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