Fun times with the impact wrench

I just soaked the exhaust manifold studs in PB blaster for a few days and all the nuts came right off the studs. Unfortunately, two were already broken before I even pulled the engine out (not from me). The strange thing is I had no exhaust leak at all...

My parts were off a car from Michigan. Ok, if you don't live in Michigan I must explain something; any car that has taken 15 Michigan winters is a rust bucket. It must also leak oil like crazy... This would be in reference to the parts car I got my parts from. Oh well, enough complaining; here is a picture of the crossmember it took me two days to de-gunk with engine brite:

Take note of the engine mounting bracket (for lack of a better word) on the right hand side in the picture. This is the reason you need to swap the crossmember and mount; it needs to clear the turbo. Somehow, under all that gunk and oil, it still managed to have rusty spots. I wire brushed and then coated the rust spots with POR, then coated the whole crossmember with spray truck bed liner.

Hey, look, transmission leaks are fun! (fun like the flu). Anyway, I decided to fix this while it was out.

I also removed all the AC lines, next the nose comes off and I will remove the condensor. I am starting to get a nice pile of old parts going here. I weighed all this stuff and it was close to 90lbs, take into account the weight I put back on (turbo, manifold, etc) and I probably lost 30-40lbs from the front end.

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