Almost ready to go back in....

Did a bunch of stuff:

  • All new engine coolant hoses (new clamps as well)
  • New inner tie rods
  • Rebuilt clutch slave cylinder
  • Re-sealed transmission case
  • Repainted and installed turbo front crossmember
  • Installed turbo manifold
  • Began de-undercoating the engine bay (thank you Ziebart)
  • Cleaned engine up a little bit

    This turned out to be one dirty project, the engine looks much better clean and with some fresh paint. Before and after:

    The crossmember is a little rusty, but I POR'd it, painted it and then gave it a coating of spray "Truck Bed Liner". Looks better to me, the engine bay is getting a little cleaning as well.

    This exhaust manifold was painted silver when I got it. Anyway, this may be handy to know... the turbo manifold does not use the same stud placement as the NA, go figure.

    This is the exhaust elbow from hell. I have been soaking the bolts with PB blaster for about 2 weeks. The O2 sensor is stuck in quite well also.

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