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Welcome to Jason's RedZ31.com
(Also RedZ31.net)

6-08: This site contains archived write-up pages on some of the mechanical modifications made to my Z31 (84-89) model Nissan 300ZX for the purpose of long-term availability. Redz31.net/Redz31.com is an old website and is due for some major updates and changes. Information provided here is free of charge and offered without warranty of any kind. Some other "intro" information see my 84's modifications list here or other old information at my cardomain site here.


The Beginning Of My Long-Term Z31 Obsession

The 84's Modification list

My other Z31's - Page Coming Soon

Items available for purchase:

Parts currently available from Z31Parts.com (click here!)


High Performance Parts For Your Z31 Model Nissan 300ZX


Suspension and Brakes:

Coilover Installation

87-89 Turbo and Z32 Brakes... and More!

Factory Limited Slip Differential (updated 6-06)

Poly Bushing FAQ

How to do your own alignment

87+ front control arm conversion and front poly bushings

Rear Poly Control Arm Bushing Install Procedure

Z32 style (88-89) tension rod conversion

My ancient spring and shock selection page (old old old)


Engine, Drivetrain and related info:

The New Z31 Turbo Modifications FAQ (main page)
Exhaust Manifolds page
External Wastegates page
Custom Exhaust Systems page
Intake Plenums page
Turbo Inlet (stock location) page
Intercoolers page
VG30ET Dyno Graphs page

Head work: Performance porting, valve job, and camshafts (updated 9/06)
Head castings (with related port and chamber work)
Valves (type, seat/grind specs, guides, etc)
Valve springs and Retainers
Camshaft(s) and Cam Timing
Lifters, Rockers, Seals and Gaskets
Endgame: engine tuning and performance

The ROMulator page (DIY EFI programming).
The Z31/VG30 ECCS Binary Archive

Fuel and EFI system upgrades for the Z31.

Stock Z31 fuel system information.

Easy Fuel Injector Upgrades (updated 8-06)

Z31 Intake Plenums - Flow data

Using Fuel Management Units (or "RRFPR's") (updated 5-06)

Nissan VG30/33 camshaft info page.

When good flywheels go bad.

LM-1 Wideband Oxygen Sensor Install

OBX short-throw shifter on 87-89 Turbo (FS5R30A) Transmission

Nitrous System Install (not currently in use)

Engine Oil Cooler Install

Z31 300ZX Turbocharger Upgrade & Wastegate actuator mounting

Front Mount Intercoolers

NA=>Turbo conversion (updated 6-06)

Power steering pump swapping.


Sound, cosmetics, etc:

Hella Supertone horn upgrade *New*

Maxima alternator and pulley swap for NA cars



Drag Racing.


Ice Racing.


The Most Useful Z Web Forums


Z31 Performance.com



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